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Bootstrapped Developers

Hi, I'm Simon. You may know me as @geetfun on Twitter. I'm a Bootstrapped Developer, and I created Eager.

What is a Bootstrapped Developer?

Bootstrapped Developers are developers (code or no code) who have opted to create a digital businesses and grow them on their own (financial) terms.

We are the "Mom and Pop" software shops of the world, the anti-big box stores of the internet world, and the makers of really great software you should hear about.

Why use software from a Bootstrapped Developer?

Some of the best software craftspersons created their software businesses one brick at a time.

Supporting Bootstrapped Developers isn't just about choosing better software, but software that is owner-developer driven. We care about our work as our work reflects our values and desire to release something truly useful and valuable for the world.

By choosing to use Bootstrapped Software, you're helping support:

  • The production of great software
  • Businesses whose decision making process deeply considers how their decisions affect you (the customer), and not just shareholders or third party interests
  • Entrepreneurs who love their craft and are committed to bringing their best work into the world

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