Overview of Eager

Learn how Eager is designed to help your SAAS business scale customer service

What is Eager?

Eager is a set of software to help SAAS businesses engage and support their customers. Specifically, Eager consists of four tools:

  1. Help desk with shared inbox for multiple team members
  2. Documentation (knowledge base) website (like the one you're reading right now)
  3. In app notification widget
  4. Help widget

All of these tools are designed to work together, allowing you to quickly set up a professional looking customer support for your own customers.

How is Eager different than other help desk & knowledge base software?

Eager is designed to help SAAS businesses with a focus on features that benefit SAAS businesses. For example:

  • Eager pulls information from Stripe to bring context to emails sent from customers
  • Documentation site can be served on your own custom domain or even proxied from your web servers
  • In app widgets designed for you to make announcements to your users
  • Help widget to streamline customer communication

At Eager, we run our own SAAS with the help of our own software. And so every feature is approached from the perspective of how to best improve both customer and operator experiences.

Why should I use Eager?

If you're curious to see how Eager can help your business, give it a try. We offer a free 14-day trial at https://eagerapp.net/sign_up.

Here are a few reasons why we think Eager would be a great fit for your business:

  1. Eager lets you and your team manage multiple inboxes from a single place. You can separate these inboxes into multiple brands if you'd like, allowing you to run multiple businesses under a single account.
  2. Our documentation site (ie. knowledge base) follows best SEO practices. For startups and software businesses, your documentation is a great way for people to discover you, by letting search engine crawl and index the detailed information you provide in your docs.
  3. Eager comes with a built in CRM (customer relationship manager) for your SAAS. Within Eager, you'll be able to see customer information from a single, unified source. We'll be adding more integrations and custom endpoints where you'll be able to manage accounts, right within Eager.
  4. Eager packages several pieces of software together, which works seamlessly. Aside from the cost savings over purchasing each software separate (help desk + documentation site + in app notification + help widget), all these components work seamlessly together.
  5. Finally, we use Eager every day to help our own customers. We're committed in building a robust customer service platform that you can rely on to service your customers.

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