Setting up email weekly summaries

Learn how to have Eager automatically email you a weekly summary of your team's performance


As a busy manager, it's sometimes hard to keep track of every one on your team. Eager makes it easy for you to view your team's performance on a week-by-week basis by emailing you the previous week's summary — automatically.

What is included in the summary

The weekly summary includes the following information that the previous week:

  • Tickets received
  • Tickets resolved
  • Average time to response
  • Average time to resolution
  • Individual team member access scope
  • Individual team member performance
  • Feedback received by each individual team member (if any)


To get set up, click on the Reports section of Eager:

Next, click on Notifications:

Click on Enable report notification, and in the text area input below, enter all the emails you want a report to be sent to.

Important: Each email needs to be on its own separate line.

Frequently asked questions

Why didn't I receive my email?

Check your spam folder to ensure that the email isn't there. Our emails come from You may wish to create an email rule or filter to have your email service provider automatically move emails sent from this address to be in your Primary Inbox.

If you don't see the email there, please contact us and we'll be happy to investigate further.

When are emails sent?

Emails are sent every Sunday evening. The reporting period will be the immediately preceding 7 days.

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