How Live Chat works

Learn how Eager's live chat widget works

Introduction to Live Chat

Live Chat lets you add a chat feature to the Help Widget and connect it with a chat mailbox within your Eager.

It lets your customers contact you for immediate responses. Or, if you're not available, you can configure the chat widget to prompt customers to leave their contact information so you can message them later.

Coming Soon: If customers browse away from your page and can't receive your replies, as long as they have left a contact message, Eager will send them an email prompting them to continue the conversation.

What are the advantages of Live Chat?

Live Chat lets you converse with your customers and users in real time, eliminating the need to have back and forth communication via email.

It's useful for situations when you are available to provide immediate customer support during office hours, for example.

What are the features of Live Chat?

Currently, Live Chat supports the following features:

  • Multiple chat conversations per user
  • Chat history search
  • File uploads
  • Emoji
  • CRM integration
  • Chat flow to automate greeting customers when no agents are available
  • Read receipt indicator
  • Typing indicator

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