Setting up Live Chat

Learn how to set up your Live Chat mailbox to receive and send instant messages with your customers


In this article, you'll learn how to set up Live Chat for your site. Live Chat works through our Help Widget, and so it is best you already have that set up.

Just like our Shared Inbox, you can think of each chat as a Chat Thread that belongs to a Chat Mailbox. And similar to Tickets, you can assign Chat Threads to individual support agents.

Creating Chat Mailbox

The first step in creating your Live Chat is to create a Chat Mailbox. Click on the Chat icon and you will be guided through the setup.

Give your Chat Mailbox a meaningful name. Once you've clicked on Create Chat Mailbox, everything is done!

Chat Profile Setup

If this is your first time using Chat, Eager will ask you to create a Chat Profile. Every team member who is invited to your Chat Mailbox will need to create their own profile. 

You can customize your Display name and your avatar that is shown to customers when you are chatting with them.

If you don't want to upload a Profile picture, don't worry. You can choose a generic avatar later by clicking on the Profile settings icon and selecting pick an avatar:

There are around 40 generic avatars for you to choose from instead of using a profile picture:

Customizing Chat Mailbox

You can customize your Chat Mailbox by clicking on the Settings icon:

Once you click on the icon, you'll see all the Chat Mailboxes that is under your account. Note that this icon and the settings screen is only available for account owners and team members who have been given permission to access this area.

To give team members access to Live Chat, refer to Create and Manage Team Members.

Here, you'll be able to set things such as:

  • Auto assignment for chat
  • Hours of operation
  • Chat Flow (message bot)
  • Customer Notifications via email (for unread messages)

Please refer to each of these sections for details.

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