Creating a new knowledge base article

Learn how to create a new knowledge base documentation article with Eager


An article belongs as part of a collection of articles, typically organized a single topic. For example, here, we have a collection of articles under a single collection of Documentation Site. And under here, we have an article of Creating a new article.

To get started, click on the Documentation Site icon in the dashboard, and then on the Articles tab. You will see a list of articles you've already written. Click on Create an Article on the upper right hand part of the page. You will see an article form:

Article form

Article settings

For each article, at the very minimum, you will need to give it a Title and some Content. If you don't, the form will give you an error when you try to click on Save.

It's recommended that you enter a Description, as this is used in some design element blocks (in the design editor).

To ensure that your article is displayed, you will need to ensure that Publish article is enabled.

You can add an article to multiple collections as well.

Embedding special content

Oftentimes, you'll want to add media to your text based content. Some examples of this may include:

  • Links
  • Code snippets
  • Images and other still image media
  • YouTube embeds

Adding links

Adding links is fairly straightforward. Simply select the text you want to add links to, and click on the link icon:

Once you do that, a small popup will appear where you can enter your URL.

Don't forget to include the http:// or https:// prefix to the URL. In order for the link to work, you must ensure that the link is a properly formatted URL.

Adding code snippets

If you're adding code examples, you can click on the code snippet icon:

Once you do, a dark background text area will appear. In there, you can type your code snippet.

Any code snippet you type will be formatted so that on the documentation site itself, users will be able to click and copy the snippet to their clipboard. This makes it a lot easier for your users to copy your example code.

Adding images

To add images, you can click on the image gallery icon:

A modal will appear where you can select and insert a previously uploaded image, or upload a new image altogether.

Support image types include: PNG, JPG, GIF (including animated ones).

Adding YouTube embeds

To add a YouTube embed, first paste the URL of the embed into the text area field.

Next, select that URL. Because sometimes you may want to leave the URL as text, Eager's knowledge base software does not automatically convert YouTube URLs into iframe embeds.

In order to instruct Eager to create an iframe from a YouTube URL, when you have the URL selected, click on the YouTube icon:

If the URL is valid YouTube URL, it will automatically fetch and embed the YouTube video into an iFrame.

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