Getting Started with Knowledge Base

Get an overview of Knowledge Base and how to set yours up

Introduction to Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is one of the apps that's available with your Eager account. It lets you quickly create and manage documentation articles for your product and/or service.

Your site will be hosted by Eager, and can be accessible either on the subdomain, on your own custom domain, or "proxied" to a subdirectory on your own root domain (requires some configuration on your servers).

Why use a Knowledge Base?

You want to create a repository to host your product manual and want an easy way to update articles without editing HTML code.

Eager's Knowledge Base is an all-in-one solution that lets you get a knowledge base up quickly that looks good and is SEO optimized.

How do I manage articles?

Knowledge Base comes with an editor that lets you create articles. When you create an article, a list of revisions appear in the sidebar so you can easily revert to a previous version.

You can publish or unpublish articles as needed to control whether visitors can view the articles online.

Articles are organized under collections, which you can think of as categories.

Can more than one person co-manage a site?

Yes, you can add team members and enable permissions for them by giving them "manage" or "write" level access to the Knowledge Base.

What can can I customize?

Knowledge Base comes with pre-built template component blocks that you can drag and drop in a specific order. Each block has a set of generic customization properties, like padding, margin, and background color. On top of this, there are block-specific properties that can change.

With these settings, you'll be able to match the feel of the Knowledge Base to your brand.

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