Power user tips for Shared Inbox

Learn some tips on how to make the most of your shared inbox experience


As we use Eager's Shared Inbox daily (we have at least one tab open at all times), here are some tips on how to maximize your efficiency when responding to customer emails.

Prefill ticket information

You can pre populate certain fields in new outgoing emails. These would be outbound emails that you create and send from within Eager.

Within your account, there's a distinct URL for creating a new ticket:

You can see in the screenshot above that the URL contains your account's unique identifier, followed by a path of /inbox/tickets/new.

You can append some "parameters" to this to prefill the following fields:

  • to
  • cc (carbon copy)
  • bcc (Blind carbon copy)
  • subject

Because you may have multiple Shared Inboxes for your account, it is recommended that you also append a "from" parameter. Eager will automatically switch you into that account when creating emails, assuming you have permission to send from that particular account.

So here's what the URL might look like:

https://eagerapp.net/accounts/your-account-id/inbox/tickets/new?from=support@yourcompany.com&to=customer@example.com&subject=Your refund

The above URL string (don't forget to replace your-account-id and the from email address to your values) will automatically switch to the right inbox and pre-populate the "to" and "subject" fields.

Deleted Tickets

When you delete a ticket, it is not removed immediately. In general, the system will permanently delete the ticket after 30 days.

You can find deleted tickets under the Trash folder in the Shared Inbox:

You can restore deleted tickets by clicking on the Restore button icon for a particular ticket.

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