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Learn how to customize a shared inbox signature


Email signatures are a great way to display important at the end of your outbound emails. In Eager, you can set an email signature that will be automatically attached to all emails from a particular shared inbox, regardless of who sends the email.

A few things to remember:

  • Shared signatures can only be set by account owners and team members who have permission to manage the shared inbox
  • The style of the signature is the same for all team members
  • Variables can be to customize the signature with team member's name

Getting started

To set a custom signature in your shared mailbox, first go to mailbox settings by clicking on the Settings icon.

Next, select the mailbox you want to modify. Again, if you will only see mailboxes to which you have a manage permission set, or if you are the account owner.

Once you select the mailbox settings area, you should see a screen that looks like this:

Email inbox general settings

Enable Signature by selecting Append signature to oubound emails (see above).

Creating your custom signature

Once enabled, you will see additional setting fields (see above):

Creating custom email signature

Type in the signature you want in the Signature field. You have the option of further customizing the field by using variables.

A note about variables: The variables pertain to the team member who sends the email. For the {{ email }} variable, this will substitute your team member's own login email. This is not generally recommended if you're operating from a shared inbox, but the option is available if you find the need for this use case. If you want to reference your inbox's specific email, simply type it in directly (eg.

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