How shared inbox works

An overview of how shared inbox works in Eager

Introduction to shared inboxes

Shared inboxes, traditionally known as help desks, are email inboxes that allow multiple team members to read and reply to emails that your customers send to you. This is typically used in emails like

Whether you are a single founder or belong to a larger support team, having a shared inbox allows you to organize and prioritize customer questions and requests.

What are the advantages of shared inboxes?

Shared inboxes allow multiple team members to engage with customers, enabling teams to quickly respond to customers. Customers will receive more thoughtful and helpful responses.

For complicated customer enquiries, Eager's inbox app enables your team to share internal notes, creating a clear paper trail for any team member to easily pick up and assist in responding to customers.

How many team members can manage a single inbox?

You can add an unlimited number of team members, depending on the size of your team. Eager's adaptive pricing lets you add or remove team members as demand requires it. Your cost will automatically be prorated and you will be credited for any unused time. This is especially helpful during busy seasons, such as during holidays.

How do I get my emails into the shared inbox?

With Eager's inbox app, you can forward your email from your existing email service provider (eg. Gmail, Outlook, etc) to Eager.

When you create a new inbox, our app will provide a special unique email address to which you forward your emails.

We recommend this method of set up so you'll always have two copies of all emails received: the one that was received at your email service provider and in Eager.

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