Shared Inbox organization

Learn how Eager organizes your Shared Inbox

How emails are organized

Emails are placed in one or more of the following sections:

  • Unassigned
  • Assigned to me
  • Priority
  • Snoozed for me
  • Closed
  • Spam
  • Folders
  • Tags

Each email that you receive is called a ticket. When a customer responds to an email, or when your respond to a customer email, all responses are grouped into a single ticket in order to provide both the sender and receive an email trail.

Note: Eager inbox's email trail uses unique email reference IDs (similar to how many email service provider, such as Gmail or Outlook operates). In certain cases, these reference IDs are not properly sent by the sending party's email server. When this happens, Eager will be unable to group emails into a single thread. You can merge emails together to keep them organized in this event.

Let's take a look at how you can use these folders to organize your customer emails.


The unassigned section is the default place where you'll typically find received emails. Assignment of tickets references which team member has been "assigned" that specific ticket (ie. in charge of responding to the customer).

Once the ticket is assigned, it will show up under the "Assigned to me" section.

Depending on your team's workflow, you may decide to leave all tickets as "unassigned" in order to have all tickets accessible at all times to increase response times.

Assigned to me

The label "Assigned to me" refers to all tickets that belongs to a specific team member. This view will be unique to each person as it will only show tickets that are designated to the currently logged in user.

Removing one's own assignment will move the ticket from this section back to the "Unassigned" section.


Tickets given the "Priority" status will be shown here, regardless of whether the ticket has been assigned or not.

For particularly urgent customer enquiries, it's recommended that you use the priority label in order to separate them from non-urgent emails.

Snoozed for me

Each individual team member can snooze a ticket. Once snoozed, the ticket will show up in the section "Snoozed for me".

This tab is good for keeping track of future important emails. We do not recommend abusing this feature as it's always a good idea to keep up with inbound emails and handle them in a timely manner.


Once a ticket is closed, it will be shown in here.

Note that there is a difference between a closed ticket and a deleted one. Deleted tickets are removed entirely from the system and cannot be retrieved. For most customer emails, it is recommended that you simply close it and not delete them. For other unrelated emails, it is okay to delete them.

Because of the way emails are forwarded from your primary email service provider (eg. Gmail or GSuite, Outlook, etc), deleting emails only mean that they're deleted from within our system. Assuming you have not deleted the original copy from your primary email service provider, you can retrieve emails from there as well.


You can mark tickets as spam, and they will end up in this tab. Eager also runs heuristics to determine the likelihood an email is spam. Should an email trigger our spam filters, it will be automatically sent here as well.


The "folders" section expands to reveal a list of user-defined folders where you can organize email tickets as you see fit.


Finally, we have the "tags" section where you can search tickets that have been tagged (by you or someone else on your team) with a specific word or phrase. A common set of tags is recommended, such as "refund" or "feature request".

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