Forwarding emails from G Suite (Google)

Learn how to get your emails from your G Suite account into Eager's help desk app


You have an existing email address that's hosted by G Suite (the business version of Gmail). You want to start managing that single email account in Eager's help desk software, either for yourself only or with other team members.

This article will show you how to set up email forwarding from G Suite.

Note: If you follow our in-app guide, it should lead you through all the following steps.

Steps to forward email from G Suite

First, login to G Suite from a desktop computer. On the upper right hand corner, click on the Settings icon, and then on See All Settings.

Click on the Forwarding tab. G Suite requires you to verify the email address to which you want to forward emails. So this is what we’ll do first.

Click on Add forwarding address. A popup will appear where you should copy and paste the forwarding email address from Eager.

Google will send an email to Eager with a verification code. Eager will automatically detect this code and show it to you here.

Enter this verification into G Suite to complete the verification.

Once verified, click on the Filters tab. We will create a filter in G Suite so that any emails that are sent to your custom domain email address will be automatically forwarded to Eager.

Click on Create a new filter. 

In the To field, enter the custom domain email address of your shared inbox. Click on Create filter.

In the next screen, click on Forward it to and select the forward email that you just verified from the dropdown.

You can also click on Skip the Inbox to automatically archive all emails that’s forwarded. G Suite will save all emails that you receive as well.

Click on Create filter, and you’re done.

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