Deliverability Troubleshooting

Learn about issues surrounding email deliverability in your help desk


Email deliverability is extremely important in ensuring your replies get to your customers on time. From time-to-time, we have noticed issues that may affect deliverability of your emails.

Please consult this guide to see what you can do to ensure that your responses reach your customers.

Ensure Your DKIM & SPF settings are correct

Before you send any emails, you should ensure that your DKIM and SPF settings are correct. Click on Settings within the Shared Inbox.

Note: You must be the account owner to access the Settings.

Our system will check that your settings are correct, based on your DNS records. If they are not correct, we will alert you during the set up.

It is important that whoever maintains your DNS records do not accidentally modify these settings incorrectly, as it will affect deliverability.

Spam Content

Eager is intended as a help desk software, and so our email infrastructure is designed to handle text based emails really well.

Having said that, Eager is not a marketing software. If you're sending unsolicited emails to customers (ie. cold emails), they will likely mark your emails as spam.

This will affect your email domain's reputation and will decrease the likelihood your emails will end up in users' inbox.

Note: We monitor for abuse. Because sending spam from our system affects the integrity of our email sending reputation, we will take steps to block accounts should we receive complaints from receivers.

Outlook Specific Issues

Sending to users whose emails are hosted by (or custom domains hosted by are often delayed. This is a process where your emails are "greylisted", and Outlook is known for doing this from new senders. For example, emails sent to users may not arrive until up to an hour later.

We suggest you do not re-send messages immediately, as this will result in a higher bounce rate from Outlook's servers, as well as a high probability your emails will not arrive at all.

Other Error Messages

Occasionally, you may see certain error messages being displayed right beneath the message you just sent. These are "flags" that are set on each message as our system scans them and marks potential issues with outbound emails.

These flags are set automatically by our system and is to give you an indication of any potential problems:

One or more recipients may experience a delay in receiving your email

If you see this message, this means that we've detected a potential delay in delivering email to the target email address.

Sometimes this is because the receiving server throttles accepting emails or has indicated it has rejected our initial attempt at delivering an email. When this happens, we do not try to immediately resend the email as this is not good best practices.

In some cases, we do manually review emails to ensure the email itself is not triggering spam filters that could affect deliverability. Should there be any issues with an email, you will receive a notification of the issue so you can try resending your email.

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