Changing Shared Inbox settings

Learn what settings you can modify in Eager's Shared Inbox app


There are a number of general settings within a single Shared Inbox that you can change to customize for your needs. We'll talk about each one of them here.

The settings we'll be talking about can be accessed by clicking on the Settings icon, and on the specific inbox you want to modify.

Display Settings

Under the display settings, you can modify the Mailbox name as well the the Display name.

Display settings for Shared Inbox

Mailbox name

Your end users (ie. customers) will not see this name. This is an internally used name for you and your team to quickly identify which Shared Inbox you're working from. It is especially useful if you're working with multiple brands or mailboxes.

Display name

The display name is the name that's sent in your outbound email. Typical names might be:

  • Customer Support
  • Your Company Customer Care

For example, ours might be Eager Customer Support.

Customers receiving your email will see this name in the From field of the email (if it is supported by their email client software).

Auto Assign Tickets

You can automatically set ticket assignment for a Shared Inbox by specifying the team member to which new tickets will be assigned:

Enable automatic ticket assignment

Only team members with existing access to the mailbox will be selectable here.

Auto Forward

Eager can automatically forward incoming emails, so you can keep track of any inbound emails in a separate account. Note that this functionality forwards emails that your inbox receives, and not responses. In order to receive outbound emails, you will need to create a corresponding entry into Auto Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) -- see below.

Auto Blind Carbon Copy (bcc) Replies

Any outbound emails that is sent from a particular Shared Inbox could be blind carbon copied (bcc) automatically. Specify the email addresses you would like emails to be bcc and Eager will do so when it sends an outbound email.

Enable blind carbon copy (bcc) for replies in Shared Inbox

Auto Reply

You can set an auto reply email to be sent whenever a new ticket is created. Note that this only occurs once per ticket. Subsequent replies will not trigger an automatic reply to the customer.

Set up an automatic reply for emails

Email Signature

You have the option of setting up a standard email signature for all outbound emails sent for a particular Shared Inbox. Refer to our Setting a Signature guide for details.

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