How Smart Copy works

Learn how Smart Copy automatically formats your copied text when you're responding to tickets


Smart copy is a feature that is active when you're responding to emails in Eager. When you copy and body of text from a previous message in the ticket thread, Eager will automatically paste it into the message editor and format it so that you can respond to it.

Oftentimes, when responding to emails, we want to respond to specific questions or points that's been raised by the sender. Smart Copy lets you format emails so that your responses are easier to read by appending your responses next to the questions that the customer sent.

How Smart Copy works?

Smart Copy only works when a message editor within Eager is open. If you copy the text to another program (or website), the text will not be formatted.

Eager automatically detects if the copying was done (CMD+C on Mac or CTRL+C on Windows) on a selection of text in ticket thread message. Copy and pasting text outside of Eager's ticket thread will not activate this feature.

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