Setting up your Shared Inbox

Learn how to set up your mailbox to receive and send emails


Shared Inbox is an important part of Eager's customer support software. It lets you communicate with your customers through email. It also organizes and groups your customer emails.

In Eager, you can have multiple inboxes, depending on your plan. If you need extra inboxes, you can do so by upgrading your plan.

Creating an inbox

When you first created your Eager account (assuming you're the account owner), you would have had the chance to create an inbox.

To create additional inboxes, go to the Shared Inbox section of Eager by clicking on the Shared Inbox icon:

Inbox icon

You can also navigate to the Shared Inbox part of the app by using the g i keyboard shortcut.

Next, click on the Settings icon. This will display a list of your existing Shared Inboxes. Click on the + symbol to add a new inbox.

Note: Your current plan will limit how many inboxes you can create. If you don't have enough inboxes, Eager will prompt you to modify your plan.

Set up a Shared Inbox

Eager will take you through a short series of set up steps:

Setup a shared inbox

You can use either eager's own email, which will provide you with a subdomain, or you can choose to use your own custom domain.

Note: To get set up quickly, you can choose to use the You will be able to add your custom domain later.

Using a Custom Domain

The steps to configure your custom domain differ slightly depending on your existing email service provider (eg. Google, Outlook etc). Click on the tab corresponding to your email provider for specific instructions.

The steps below outline the general steps you need to perform.

Step 1: Testing your existing email

If you've chosen to use a custom domain, you will need to test that your existing email already works with your email service provider (eg. Google, Outlook, etc).

Check your existing email

Note: You can skip this step if you already know that your email address works.

Step 2: Set up email forwarding

Depending on your email service provider, there may be extra steps (eg. Gmail). The idea here is to forward emails addressed to your custom email (eg. to your Eager assigned email address, which should look something like this:

Eager will route your emails properly into your Shared Inbox.

Step 3: Test your setup

Once everything is done, it's time to test your set up to ensure that you can receive emails sent to you.

Test email forwarding

Eager will send a test email to your custom email (eg. If all goes well, your email service provider should forward this to Eager. Our app will detect that we've received this test email and will display it to you that we've received it.

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