What are Help Widgets?

Learn how to add a Help Widget popup to your website or app

What are Help Widgets?

A Help Widget is an embeddable popup that your users can trigger to display useful information without their having to leave the page that they are currently on:

Help Widget example

On Eager, we use a Help Widget within our app to help customers navigate the dashboard and various different parts of the application.

Help Widgets can also automatically suggest knowledge base articles, as well as show articles that you specify.

Where can I use Help Widgets?

You can use Help Widgets anywhere you can add our JavaScript code snippet.

The code snippet is only a few lines long, and is very easy to embed either by yourself (if you have access to the HTML source code for your website or application) or by your web developer.

Within the settings, you can restrict where your Help Widget can be displayed, giving you some security to ensure that others can't embed your Help Widget simply by copy and pasting the code.

Benefits of Help Widgets

Adding a Help Widget to your website or application is a great way to engage your users, especially when they're stuck on a page, need suggestions, or want to contact you for more information.

  • Allow users to access related information without leaving the page they're on
  • Display documentation where it is relevant for the user
  • Minimize user frustration by allowing them to contact you from any page
  • Integrate Help Widgets as part of your application's onboarding


  • Embeddable on any HTML web page (eg. within your web application or landing page)
  • Contact form sends messages right to your Eager Shared Inbox
  • Trigger documentation articles to be displayed right from within the widget
  • Autosuggestion for documentation articles based on keywords you set for the page
  • Allow users to browse and search your entire documentation site from within the widget
  • Coming soon: Real time chat

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