What are Notification Feeds?

Learn how to add a notification and announcement feed to your web page

What are Notification Feeds?

A Notification Feed is a widget that lets you show announcements and notifications to your users.

In Eager, we use it to display things like app updates, upcoming maintenance notices, and other announcements that our users might find useful.

Notification Feed screenshot

Where can I use Notification Feeds?

You can embed a Notification Feed on any web page, be it within your app or on your landing page. There are no restrictions as to where you can put it.

Within the settings, you can restrict where your feed can be displayed, giving you some security to ensure that others can't embed your feed on their website.


Notification Feeds come with several useful features. You can:

  • Post updates at a scheduled time
  • Get simple feedback from your website visitors or app users
  • Built in search functionality for your users to search old feed postings

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