Easy Documentation Sites For Your SAAS

Quickly and easily create a knowledge base that your users will love to use

What's a Documentation Site?

A beautiful user guide

Every SAAS app needs one.

Yes, we're talking about documentation. A way for your users to figure out how to do things in your app when your customer support is not available.

Documentation Site (or a knowledge base) is a necessary part of all software products, no matter if your product is big or small. Eager's Documentation Site comes with:

  • Hosting on our subdomain or on your own domain
  • Responsive design that looks good on mobile and on the desktop
  • Integrated search within your Shared Inbox and Help Widget
  • Customization with drag and drop blocks
  • SEO features features to help search engines discover your documentation content

How can Documentation Site help my product?

Help users help themselves

It would be great if users would be able to figure out what your UI designer was thinking, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, what's easy for your team may not be easy for your users - althought we try, right? Without a good set of guides to help your users, your customer support will need to be there to help whenever a user is stuck. When your support team is sleeping, for example, your users won't be able to figure things out on their own.

Customers discover features through guides

Did you know that many prospective customers take a look at your guide to see if the feature they need (and want) is present?

That's right. Your documentation is a way to let users discover your product without signing up for a trial. With our Documentation Site, you can add pictures and embed videos to not only help guide your existing customers, but let new customers learn about your features.

How can Documentation Site help my team?

Shared Inbox integration

Wouldn't it be great if your customer support team could answer customer emails by referring them to your user guides?

Our Documentation Site and Shared Inbox product were designed to allow your support team to quickly search and insert links within email resposes, directing customers to your documentation. This certainly will save your support staff a lot of unnecssary and repetitive typing.

Have you seen our launch special?

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What you get

  • Recurring annual discount

  • 1 account

  • 2 team member seats

  • 2 Shared Inboxes

  • 2 Documentation Sites

  • 2 Notification Feeds

  • 2 Help Widgets

Annual price

$79 USD

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