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Shared Inbox

Emails organized

A powerful customer support help desk to manage incoming emails. Collaborate on responses as a team.

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Multiple Mailboxes
Manage multiple emails for one or multiple brands in the same dashboard
Invite Your Team
Allow multiple team members to create and respond from the same email address
Canned Responses
Increase response efficiency with templated canned responses that you can set and use
Automated Workflows
Configure your Shared Inbox to filter and process emails based on rules you set
Associate contextual information from Stripe and Shopify (coming soon)
Scheduled Replies
Send replies back immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later date and time
View important metrics about customer support demands and your team's performance
Mobile app
Manage tickets from anywhere with our iOS and Android app (coming soon)

Documentation Site

Guide your users

A beautiful knowledge base for your product, service, or application.

Learn more about Documentation Sites
Multiple Brands
Operate multiple businesses? Create multiple documentation sites under a single account
Customize the logos and colors to match your brand, as well as add custom HTML snippets
Article Management
Create and manage articles easily, and organize them into collections (or categories)
Know how useful your documentation content is with customer feedback
Drag & Drop Designer
Our site editor includes a drag and drop block editor to arrange how content is displayed
Custom Domain
Use our provided domain or your own custom subdomain
Responsive Design
Your Documentation Site will look great both on desktop and mobile devices
SEO Features
Your site is crafted to be SEO semantically correct and includes a sitemap

Notification Feed

Keep users in the loop

An announcement widget so your customers can browse the latest updates to your product, service, or app

Learn more about Notification Feeds
Easy To Embed
Copy and paste a small snippet of JavaScript to your website to get started
Push Notifications
Notifications will automatically be "pushed" to your users while they're on your webpage or app
Get Feedback
See how your users respond to your announcements with built in feedback form
Customize the colors of your widget to match your brand and website

Help Widget

Ready to serve

Add a Help Widget to any webpage or your web application, so your customers can access your documentation or contact you from anywhere

Learn more about Help Widgets
Higher Satisfaction
Minimize friction for your users by giving them access to the help they need at any time
Dynamic Content
Show the right documentation article at the right time, based on the page that your users are on
Documentation Search
Let your customers search your documentation on any page that they're on
Contact Form
Users can send you a message to your Shared Inbox without leaving the page

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  • 2 Notification Feeds

  • 2 Help Widgets

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