Eager is a customer support software that includes a Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Notifications, & Help Widgets
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Help Desk Software For Startups

Startup Businesses choose Eager to provide exceptional customer support and to engage with their customers right on their website.

Eager is a help desk, knowledge base, and customer assistance software to help your business handle customer support.

Our hosted help desk, knowledge base, and website support widgets are designed to optimize your support workflow:

  • Shared inbox for teams for support tickets
  • Knowledge base software to build documentation for your product and services
  • Announcement widget for product updates and company news
  • Help widget for on page documentation browse and search, and contact form

1. What is a Help Desk?

Is your customer support emails getting mixed with your business email? A help desk is a focused workspace to handle customer questions and problems.

It organizes and coordinates how you answer questions about your product and services, so that your entire team can provide useful and consistent responses, regardless of who on the team is answering the question.

Solve your customer service frustrations

Eager is a help desk software that is designed to streamline your support process, so that you can quickly answer everything from simple customer questions to solving the most hard-to-solve issues.

Our apps are designed to work together, such as...

  • Allowing knowledge base articles search from any web page
  • Automatically suggesting the right article based on the keywords
  • Referencing documentation from within your email responses
  • And more help desk features...

A help desk creates great customer service experiences that helps build lifelong customer relationships and converting them into being advocates for your business and brand.

2. Can’t I just use my email?

Have you ever forgotten to answer an email because you simply had too many emails?

Customer emails are extra important, because customers reach out only when they’re stuck and when they are motivated enough to find a solution to their problem.

It is really hard to keep emails organized in email software.

This is why all successful businesses use a helpdesk ticketing system to triage and respond to customer questions.

3. Why Eager For Your Help Desk?

Eager was designed to help customer support teams for small and medium sized businesses.

We’ve built and operated many online businesses over the years. Time and time again, we felt that an email ticketing system should do a few things really well. After using a bunch of help desk software, we felt we could do a better a job and at a more affordable price.

Multiple Brands Under One Account

For businesses who own and operate multiple brands, Eager helps consolidate your support software needs.

You can create multiple inboxes, knowledge base, and support widgets that are scoped and branded for each of your businesses.

Each inbox, for example, could have its own support email under separate custom domains.

Create multiple knowledge bases for each brand, each served under its own domain as well.

You will be able to manage all these brands under a single Eager account. For businesses with separate support teams for each brand, you can scope access permissions so that team members only have access to the inbox they belong to.

Bring External Data Into Your Help Desk

Coming Soon

Your customer service software is only one of many tools you use to run your business.

Integrate with other services with other software, like Stripe, Shopify and BigCommerce, to provide rich contextual information about your customers.

Do you have custom data from your own app or website? Our integration functionality can live pull data from any source.

Company View

Are you a B2B company? If you are, your customers may not email you from the same email address.

In fact, multiple members of their team might be contacting you.

Want to know which company is requesting the most support?

Eager automatically organizes customers who send emails to you into company groups, so you know when someone is emailing you from a particular organization.

Replaces Several Apps

How many apps are you using to support your customers?

Eager’s mission is to simplify your customer support toolbox and to give your team a better to interact with your customers.

Stop switching between multiple apps and consolidate your support toolbox.

Eager’s software stack comes with:

  • Shared Team Inbox
  • Knowledge Base Documentation Site
  • Notification & Announcement Widget
  • Help Widget

Our Apps Work Together

Wouldn’t it be great if software talked with one another without a lot of fiddling around or building custom integrations?

Each part of Eager was designed to enhance the experience. For example, we make it easy to search documentation articles from within the Inbox.

Would you like to offer on-the-page documentation to your users? By adding a link to your article, Eager will automatically display it in the Help Widget.

Are your users leaving your website because they can’t find help? The Help Widget’s contact functionality will send any messages they send right into your Shared Inbox.

Built for Team Members

Add team members as your business grows.

Eager is designed with a simple and powerful permission system so you’ll be able to scope access permissions (read, write or manage) to specific shared inboxes and knowledge bases.

Combined with Eager’s multibrand functionality, you’ll literally be able to run multiple businesses from a single account.

Built for Team Managers Too

With larger teams, it can be hard to keep on top of your customer support department.

Eager’s reporting system lets managers view overall team reports as well as individual reports. Help new members in their training, and know who might be struggling by viewing month-to-month comparisons.

You get metrics like:

  • Tickets resolved
  • Time to first response
  • Average time to resolution
  • Response satisfaction rating

Don’t be left in the dark on how your customer support team is performing.

Automation Workflows

You can configure Eager to tag, prioritize, or archive incoming messages automatically, saving your team members time to focus on more important tasks.

Set up rules to automate these processes, based on:

  • Incoming email address
  • Subject line
  • Message content
  • And more....

For example, say a customer has an issue and sends an email with the subject “Refund request”, Eager can help you automatically send this message to your Refund specialist to sort things out.

This ensures that your customers’ questions go to the most appropriate team member, saving you time and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re an email power user, you’ll know how important shortcuts are.

Even if you’re not used to using shortcuts, Eager’s intuitive keyboard shortcuts will make answering tickets quick. You won’t even miss using the trackpad or the mouse.

For example, to open a new ticket, just type the letters t n (ticket and new).

To reply to a ticket, just type the letter r (for reply).

We’ve put shortcuts everywhere in Eager to help you get more done quickly. Best of all, we’ve made it easy for you to learn new shortcuts with intuitive shortcut cheat sheet, which tells you what shortcuts are available on your current screen.

Simple & Predicable Pricing

Our pricing is designed to make sense for businesses of all sizes.

Our plans start at $100 per year for 2 support agents, making it the affordable choice for bootstrapped startups.

For larger teams, our plan starts at $11.25 per month per seat (when paid annually).

For more details, please refer to our affordable pricing

4. Help Desk Features

Let’s take a deeper look into Eager’s four main applications. Each of these were built to address specific areas surrounding customer service:

Shared Inbox for Teams

The Shared Inbox is an inbox that lets your whole team collaborate in responding to customer support emails.

Set ticket status

Know which ticket has been handled or requires priority by setting the ticket status.

Custom email address

Give each of your inbox its own email address, such as support@yourdomain.com.

Automated workflows

Create automations to tag, archive, assign, and reply to email tickets.

Integrated knowledge base

Search and reference knowledge base articles in your replies.

Assign tickets

Know who is responsible for which customer email with ticket assignment.

Tags & folders

Keep your inbox organized with tags and save important emails into folders.

Smart Bullet Paste

Eager automatically formats pasted text from customer emails for easy reply.

Tag team members

Reach out to team members for help in answering questions by tagging them.

Keyboard shortcuts

Move between tickets quickly with a set of intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

Reply later

Schedule your replies so your emails are sent at a later date and time.

Set reminders

Set reminders so you can come back to a ticket when you're ready.

Contextual info

Coming Soon

Know who your customers are as you reply with external data in the sidebar.

Knowledge Base

Create a beautiful documentation site to guide your customers through your product.

Get organized

Articles can be sorted into collections of topics.

Article editor

Use our rich text editor to easily create or update articles.

Custom domain

Have us host your knowledge base on your own custom domain or on our eager.page domain.

Looks great everywhere

Our knowledge base site is designed to look great on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Drag & Drop Editor

Customize your knowledge base site with our predesigned blocks. Even insert your own custom HTML and CSS.

View on your page

With our Help Widget, you can display any article without your users needing to leave the page that they’re currently on.

Reverse proxy option

You can also have your site hosted through a reverse proxy option, allowing you to access your documentation site from your main domain.

Article feedback

Built in feedback widget for users to rate and comment on your documentation site articles, so you know which ones need to be improved.

Announcement Widget

Add an embeddable widget that's great for announcing product updates with built in user feedback.

Keep users informed

Know which ticket has been handled or requires priority by setting the ticket status.

User feedback

Built in feedback mechanism to allow users to provide quick reaction and comment feedback.


Create posts that will be added to the notification feed at a later date and time.


Customize the colors of the widget to match the brand and style of your website.

Help Widget

Give your users help when they’re on your website. Let them view documentation or contact you without leaving the page.


Display and search your knowledge base articles right within your widget.


Coming soon: Let your users talk to you. Available in our web and mobile (iOS/Android) apps.

Contact form

Let your users contact you with a single click. Messages are sent to your inbox.


Add your logo, match the colors to your brand, and even add custom HTML sections.

5. Affordable Help Desk Pricing

Customer support software that’s priced right. No matter how you look at it, you’ll save money and get apps you’ll actually use by choosing Eager.

Step 1: How many team members do you have?

Team Member Avatar 5 Team Member Avatar 6 Team Member Avatar 7 Team Member Avatar 4 Team Member Avatar 8 Team Member Avatar 3 Team Member Avatar 9 Team Member Avatar 2 Team Member Avatar 10 Team Member Avatar 1
2 team members

Step 2: Select your plan

The Growth Plan is perfect for fast growing businesses. With this plan, you get...

  • 10 Shared Inboxes
  • 10 Knowledge Bases
  • 10 Help Widgets
  • 10 Notification Widgets
  • Canned Responses
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Customer Grouping

The Scale Plan is perfect for businesses with larger customer support teams. With this plan, you get...

  • 100 Shared Inboxes
  • 100 Knowledge Bases
  • 100 Help Widgets
  • 100 Notification Widgets
  • Canned Responses
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Customer Grouping

The Startup Plan is perfect for new businesses. With this plan, you get...

  • 2 Shared Inboxes
  • 2 Knowledge Bases
  • 2 Help Widgets
  • 2 Notification Widgets
  • Canned Responses
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Customer Grouping

Growth Plan Features:

  • 10 Shared Inboxes
  • 10 Knowledge Bases
  • 10 Help Widgets
  • 10 Notification Widgets
  • Canned Responses
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Customer Grouping

Scale Plan Features:

  • 100 Shared Inboxes
  • 100 Knowledge Bases
  • 100 Help Widgets
  • 100 Notification Widgets
  • Canned Responses
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Customer Grouping

Startup Plan Features:

  • 2 Shared Inboxes
  • 2 Knowledge Bases
  • 2 Help Widgets
  • 2 Notification Widgets
  • Canned Responses
  • Workflows
  • Reporting
  • CRM
  • Customer Grouping

Step 3: Start your trial

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Eager is built for startups like yours

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