Help Widget To The Rescue

A help button to enable your customers to find the answers that they need

What's a Help Widget?

Help is a click away

Add a Help Widget button on any page you want. Your customers will thank you for having access to documentation or a way to contact you without having to find that darn Docs or Contact Us link.

Help Widget always stay visible, but out of the way on the lower right hand corner on any page that you enable it on.

Here's a list of things you can do with Help Widget:

  • Dynamically show suggested articles (perfect for suggesting the right documentation article)
  • Add a contact form
  • Let users search and view your documentation
  • Add custom HTML content, like your service status

How can Help Widget help my customers?

Suggest help articles on-the-fly

Have you ever wanted to show suggested help documents based on the page that a user is on?

Now you can.

On any page where a Help Widget is added, you can configure it to automatically load relevant articles based on keywords you set on the page so that when customers click on the widget, a list of suggested articles are already there.

Search your Documentation Site

Let your users find the help they want with a built-in search. Specify which Documentation Site it searches in, and your users will be able to perform keyword-based searches easily on any page without leaving your app or website.

Contact form to your inbox

With a built-in contact form, your customers can send you a quick message if they're stuck. You can route the message to whicever shared inbox you want.

Have you seen our launch special?

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

For a limited time...

We will be offering our early access customers a very, very special deal. For one week only, customers who sign up and pay for an annual subscription will pay a recurring price of only $79 USD per year.

What you get

  • Recurring annual discount

  • 1 account

  • 2 team member seats

  • 2 Shared Inboxes

  • 2 Documentation Sites

  • 2 Notification Feeds

  • 2 Help Widgets

Annual price

$79 USD

Important details

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