Live Chat
For Real Time Customer Support

Live chat solution for startups to scale their support with immediate customer assistance


Complete Live Chat
To Deliver Real Time Support

Your team can respond to real time support requests and guide customers through your product & services. Integration with our CRM and Shared Inbox provides improved customer context data.

Scalable Live Chat

For 1 to many support agents, you can be assured that Live Chat works intuitively

Follow Up

Not available for chat? Eager can automatically send notifications to customers once you reply

Multiple Live Chats

Useful for companies with multiple brands, create separate Live Chat channels

Create Email Tickets From Chat

Need to follow up after a chat? Easily send an email to a customer after the chat

Chat Bot

From autoresponders to contact lead capture, you can program your Live Chat to always be available

Automatic Tagging

Tag and organize chat threads

Assign Chat Threads

Notify the best customer support agent to answer customer questions and concerns


Automatic Workflows
For Your Live Chat Support

Using our Workflow tool, create chat bots, tag conversations, and assign chats when customers request live chat help.