Notification Feeds To Inform Your Users

Quickly add a notification feed for your announcements on your website or within your app

What's a Notification Feed?

Keep your users informed

Do your users feel like the only time they find out about new features is when they email support with a feature request?

It's probably because they never open your new feature announcement emails or bother to search up features themselves.

Let your users know you've updated your product in an embeddable widget. Get feedback right away within the widget from your users, and know if your new feature releases are resonating with them.

But that's not all. You can also...

  • Create announcements about maintenance times
  • Add polls for your users
  • Add custom HTML content into the feed
  • Configure notifications to show in a static panel or in a slide-in panel

How can Notification Feed help my business?

Potential customers want to know you're still "alive"

An active website or app shows that your product and/or service is actively being used and developed.

How many times have you been to a new website and the first question you have is, "Are these folks still in business?"

Your notification feed is a way to let potential customers know that you're improving your business, which gives confidence to potential buyers.

How does Notification Feed engage customers?

Know your customers

Don't let your users become strangers.

Your users are a valuable source of feedback. But most of them won't reach out to you. Notification Feed acts as a conversation starter, by inviting them to react or comment on announcements that you make through the widget.

Consistent replies

Do your many of customers ask the same questions? With templated responses, your support team can provide a consistent answer every single time.

Your team will thank you for not having to re-type the same reply over-and-over again.

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What you get

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