Shared Inboxes For Your Entire Team

Let's take a look at how Eager's Shared Inbox can help your team's customer support...

What's a Shared Inbox?

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A mailbox for your support emails

Shared Inbox is an email inbox designed for your customer emails. Stop responding to your customers through Gmail, Outlook, or from your personal email. Whether you're part of a small team or running things as a solopreneur, you will enjoy customer service features such as:

  • Managing multiple brands in multiple inboxes
  • Built in customer email tracking
  • Templated replies
  • Rules based automation workflows
  • Team based access to managing emails

Accessible by every member of your team

Stop sharing usernames and passwords to your account.

Whether you're a solopreneur or part of a small team, you'll want to set up your customer support so that you can bring on new team members easily.

Shared Inbox lets you decide who gets access to what, giving you fine grained control over who has read or write access to each individual inbox.

Do you run several brands? No worries, you can onboard team members under the same account and cater each person's access to just the inbox that they need.

How can shared inboxes help my team?

Two (or more) heads are better than one

Let's face it. Customer support can be challenging.

A team that handles customer support together will not only developer a collective customer-first mindset, but will know what pain points are present from the customer's perspective.

Involve your team in the process of understanding how customers use your product while sharing the responsibility (and knowledge gained) from helping end users.

Collaborate on customer requests

Sometimes the best person to answer a customer question isn't the one who opens the email.

You can easily call in the right team member by using @mentions right within email messages. The right team member will be notified and can jump right in and help in answering customer questions.

Built for multibrand

If you're operating multiple businesses, our Shared Inbox is built to route all your emails into a single dashboard. When you reply, the emails will be sent from the correct email with footer signatures and all.

If you have a single team helping you manage multiple brand, it can be quite confusing for your customer support personnel. Instead, let Eager handle your email organization for you while allowing your team members to efficiently respond to emails without having multiple tabs or windows opened.

How do shared inboxes improve customer experience?

No emails left unanswered

Don't let a torrent of customer emails overwhelm you.

Each email that you receive can be set as Open, Priority, or Closed. Your emails will always be in the right folder, so you'll know which customer has yet to receive their response.

When working with multiple team members, members can assign tickets to themselves or another person on the same team as well.

Search previous tickets

Need to look up that email that you got last week? Or 6 months ago?

Find old emails quickly. Customers who have emailed you before will show previous tickets, so you can easily figure out if they're asking you about a previous problem or a new one.

Pass internal notes to your team members

When you're handing off a ticket to a team member, you can jot down internal notes right in the ticket that's only visible to you and your team. Your fellow colleagues will be able to pick up where you've left off.

Automation workflows

Our Shared Inbox can help you automate your inbound email routing.

For example, want to automatically reply to customers if a certain subject is detected?
No problem.

Or how about setting the status of a ticket as priority from certain customers?
This can be done as well.

Consistent replies

Do your many of customers ask the same questions? With templated responses, your support team can provide a consistent answer every single time.

Your team will thank you for not having to re-type the same reply over-and-over again.

Have you seen our launch special?

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What you get

  • Recurring annual discount

  • 1 account

  • 2 team member seats

  • 2 Shared Inboxes

  • 2 Documentation Sites

  • 2 Notification Feeds

  • 2 Help Widgets

Annual price

$79 USD
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