Shared Inbox
For Customer Support

Help desk ticketing solution for small and large teams to scale exceptional customer support

Deliver Amazing Customer Support

Shared Inbox

Complete Helpdesk
To Deliver Better Support

Your entire support team can respond from Prioritize, organize, and respond to customer quickly.

Organized Customer Support

Funnel customer questions to your support email


Tag and assign tickets to expedite response times

Multiple Brands

Use multiple inboxes for different teams & brands

Optimized Email Editor

Quickly respond with template emails and shortcuts

Automatic Tagging

Improve organization of incoming tickets with the use of tags


Create autoresponders to handle inbound support requests

Spam Detection

Active protection to help prevent spam from reaching your team’s inbox


Automatic Workflows
For Your Customer Support

Using our Workflow tool, create auto responders, tag emails, perform API calls, and assign tickets when emails arrive.

Team Features

Collaboration Tools
For Support Teams Of All Sizes

Work together to handle customer support with team features like member tagging, ticket assignment, and permission controls.

Tag Teammates

Bring teammates into tickets with @ tags

Internal Notes

Create notes within threads to update others quickly

Ticket Assignment

Assign tickets to yourself or team members

Performance Reports

View customer satisfaction and response time metrics